Clicker 5 Training Videos, Handouts, PDFs, Sounds, Videos, Animations, and Workshops

Clicker 5 Training Videos

  1. ClickerPedia - handouts and tutorials
  2. SET-BC Introductory Workshop - Set of 8 handouts for a Clicker 5 introductory workshop
  3. Clicker Resources from the Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee Learning Object Repository
  4. Kent NGfL Clicker resources, grids, tips and tutorials
  5. Montgomery County, MD Clicker 5 QuickGuides
  6. How to Get Started with Clicker 5
  7. Printing Clicker 5 Books Tips - Cathy Wolinsky
  8. Using AAC devices to emulate scanning for computer access with Clicker 5* PDF
  9. CALL Center UK PDF guides for Clicker, ClozePro, and Penfriend XP

Free Clicker 5 Grids
1. SET-BC - Curriculum Grids

Free Audio and Sound Files

Graphics and Animations

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