Virginia Beach Middle School Workshops
Feb. 12-15, 2008

Clicker 5 and Clicker Paint

8:30 - 3:30 ATC
Set up User Preferences for Middle School Students
Create Word Banks to support writing
Create eBook and simple presentations with text and graphics
Explore **Middle School grids** from SET-BC Curriculum Set - search for Middle School Clicker Grids
Log into Learning Grids log in with vbmiddle and password vbmiddle
Create a new folder and Upload your Word Bank to your folder

Work on individual and group projects
Upload grid sets

Share ideas of ways to use Clicker and Paint with your students

Download sounds from: \\Adcfsmx01\SoundzAbound\
United Streaming Video - download movie clips and insert into Clicker grids.

Virginia Beach Elementary School Workshop

Middle School Uses of Clicker 5:

Quiz Online - copy and paste the quiz to Clicker Writer - Laure's idea
Copy and paste tex from Internet or text books and have students listen and read along as words are highlighted.

Download these grids mentioned in class:

ClassBook Grid Set
Speech Bubbles to use in cells
- English Language Learners Grid

Curriculum Resources:
ThinkInfinity.Org - 55,000 resources