Solutions for Assistive Technology Conference

Pre-conference workshop - Creating Interactive Teaching and Learning Activities with Clicker 5
April 30 1:00 – 4:00 PC Lab

In this hands-on workshop, learn how to create interactive teaching and learning activities using Clicker 5. Discover how easy it is to incorporate images, sound, and video into Clicker 5 electronic books, “hotspot” environments, and cause and effect activities to stimulate learning for all students, including learners using switch-access.

Clicker in the Classroom - Talking Books

Ian.jpgright click on Ian and save this picture to a Clicker 5 registered folder
Cause and Effect Grid
movie used to practice dragging and dropping movies into Clicker

Log into Learning Grids using region4 as the login and region4 as the password

......Animation Factory - free animations
......Accessible Book Collection- 80+ Clicker 5 eBooks ($50 subscription fee per year for Sp. Ed. student)

Day 1 Presentation - Switch-Accessible Painting and so much more with Clicker Paint
May 1 8:00 – 9:00 Mac Lab

Discover how Clicker Paint can be used with children of all abilities, including learners using switch-access to express creativity, as well as, to achieve specific learning objectives. The presentation will demonstrate how easy it is to create activities that support teaching and learning in any subject area for the diverse learners in today’s classrooms.

You can emulate using a switch by using F7 and F8 keys.

Videos from JingProject to show what you'll be doing in the handout:
Step 1:

Day 2 Presentation – Making Reading Comprehension Accessible to All
May 2 9:15 – 10:15 Mac Lab

All students need access to high-quality comprehension activities in order to develop reading skills. Find Out & Write About and Planet Wobble, which are powered by Clicker 5, provide switch-accessible activities that focus on active comprehension and text restructuring, allowing for meaningful interaction between the reader and the text.

Watch the Planet Wobble Demo.