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Free interactive Clicker resources:

The site is free, ad-free, 100% educational, and no registration or logging in is necessary. In addition to the Clicker resources there are also many interactive Flash-based resources.

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Geometry Grid Sets

The following 8 resources were published on the LearningGrids site and are available for anyone to download for free. Some require Clicker Paint.

Trekking Across Canada - This Clicker Grid Set supports learning about the provinces and territories of Canada.

Tessellations - Paint - This Clicker Grid Set provides practice of creating tessellations.

Tangram Puzzles - Paint - This Clicker Grid Set supports learning about shapes and geometric relationships through tangram puzzles.

O Canada - This Clicker Grid Set supports learning about the national anthem and geography of Canada.

O Canada - Paint - This Clicker Grid Set supports learning about the geography and symbols of Canada.

Geometry Glossary - This Clicker Grid Set is a glossary with words and definitions related to geometry.

Geometry Game - Reveal - This Clicker Grid Set supports learning about the properties of shapes.

Clicker Piano - This Clicker Grid Set is an on-screen piano.


Several Clicker Grid Sets have recently been added to the learning grid site and more will be published soon.

Crick Software has re-packaged some of Ray Mirshahi's Clicker5 resources and are starting to publish them a few at a time on their LearningGrids World site. You can download them for free by going to their website or through Clicker5 program. You must sign in first and if not a member you can freely join . https://www.learninggrids.com/us/WelcomePage.aspx Picture_7.png

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