Introduction to Clicker 5 and Clicker Paint Webinar
Fort Benning and Camp LeJeune, Jan. 17, 1:30 - 3:30 EST
Puerto Rico - May 6, 2008

Presenter: Deborah Barrows,

Pre-Workshop Suggestions
Participants are encouraged to review these resources before the training:
1. Clicker in the Classroom Guide - find out how Clicker can motivate your students:
2. Watch the Clicker 5 movie from Crick's International site (British English)
3. Watch the Clicker Paint movie on Crick's International site (British English)
3. Register to be a member of Learning Grids and you'll have free access to 370+ Clicker grids

Workshop Handouts

Please print these handouts to use in class:
1. One page handout which gives you step by step directions on how to create a electronic Clicker book

Handouts and Materials for followup Training
1. **ClickerPedia Handouts** - there are several Clicker 5 handouts which you can download and print out
2. SET - BC Clicker 5 Introductory Workshop
3. SET - BC Free K-12 Clicker 5 grids

Animated Sign Language Graphics

Crick Software Inc.
iClick for Clicker - great step by step book for creating advanced Clicker and Clicker Paint activities