Getting Started with Clicker 5

  1. Install Clicker 5
  2. Open Clicker 5
  3. Double click on the QuickTour icon to learn about Clicker
  4. Click on the red buttons on the first grid and then click on the green arrows on the menubar to navigate from from Clicker 5 grid to the next
  5. Click on the Show Me! button to read information about the grid - there are at least 30 grids in this grid set
  6. After you've gone through the tutorial you should open the Examples folder and explore the grids inside the folders
  7. Then you should go back to the Explorer Window (home icon) and create a grid set from a template:
    1. Click on the Create new Grid Set... under Clicker 5 Tasks on the left hand side of the page
    2. Double click on a folder: Word Banks - double click on Word Banks grid - select the size: 4X3 - click Create
    3. Shift and click on a cell and start entering words: cow - use the Tab key to go to the next cell - duck etc.
    4. File - Save As - to save your grid - give it a name
    5. Add another grid to this set by: Click on Grid on the Menubar - drag down to Add Grid - choose the size - Create
    6. Now you have two grids in this set - use the green arrows to move back and forth between grids - File Save
That's all there is to create a new grid set from scratch!

What else would you like to learn?