Please share your grids and ideas using Clicker 5 and state what STAGE they are.

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You can view more Clicker 5 grids which are aligned with Stages at log in with simmons and use the password simmons. Then click on My Folder tab to view the folders with Clicker grids.

Clicker Paint review by Margaret Kardos, Editor ConnSENSE Bulletin

Accessible Book Collection. org has 65+ Clicker 5 converted books for students to listen and read

Please upload a Clicker 5 grid set and type the name of the grid set, your name, and Stages Level:

Simple Food Shopping Trip grid set, Nancy, Stage 5

Simple Pattern activities by Angela and Jen, Stage 4

Taylor Goes Shopping, Diane, Stage 6

Five Little Monkeys, Maryanne Moses, Stage 2, 3, and 4

Color Sorting Correct Answers Only, Deb for Andre, Stage 3

This video show Andre how I turned on speech on the cell's buttons so that the student will hear the word when he/she clicks on it.
This video shows how I changed the background color of the grids

ABC Patterns by Lorry, Stage 4

Inside LJ's House (talking book re:common household objects), Brianne, Stages 2/3