Rhyming Words

This Clicker Grid Set is designed to encourage students to practice and secure the ability to rhyme. Students are asked to link pairs of words and develop rhyming and non-rhyming.

Maureen Sacoco
Marianne Gately

ABC Pattern
This Clicker Grid Set is designed to develop sorting and classifying skills.
Each page contains four instruments. One instrument does not belong with the other instruments. A pop-up grid provides the instruments to sort based on one of their properties.
This set can be used with Odd One Out – Sets One, Two, and Three.
For ages 4 to 8 (and older users with special needs)

Balloon Patterns
Basic Shapes

Find the Shapes by Diane

Find a circle, square, rectangle, or triangle. There are two choices. The correct answer moves you to the next grid.
For ages 2 to 6 (and older users with special needs)

Color Match
Color Recognition
Counting Book

Five Little Monkeys
This Clicker Grid Set enables students to read their own onscreen book about Five Little Monkeys.
At the start of the activity, students are given picture stamps of key story characters and objects. Each page of the book contains a sentence from the story and a picture cell. Click on the sound button to have the story read to you!

Geometric Shape Paintings
How Many (1-10)
Odd One Out - Set One
Shape Patterns
Target Numbers One
The Shopping Trip

Thomas Patterns by Angela and Jen
This Clicker Grid Set is designed to enable students to recognize and extend simple patterns.
Each page contains a series of Thomas the Tank Engine sequences to be completed. A pop-up grid provides a selection of trains to complete the patterns. The last page allow students to create their own train patterns.
This set can be used with Shape Patterns.

The Counting Book
Counting numbers 1-10
Jody Waters and Shevon Kuznezov

This Clicker Grid Set allows a student to listen to a given prompt (i.e. The tree has 4 apples.) Students then use Clicker Paint in a pop-up grid to add the correct number of items onto the picture.

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