These are examples of Clicker 5 grid sets bookmarked on the Simmons Account on Learning Grids in the Stage 3 Folder:
  1. Animal Match
  2. Basic Shapes
  3. Animal Picture Dictionary
  4. Click and Match
  5. Color Recognition
  6. Color Sorting
  7. Color Sorting Correct Answers Only - This Clicker Grid Set is designed to help children to recognize the colors red, blue, and yellow, by sorting color pictures. Each page contains a red, blue, and yellow cell, with a choice of
    three color pictures in a pop-up. This has been modified so that only the correct answer can be sent to the color cell.
  8. Five Little Monkeys - Download from Stage 3 Folder in this wiki
  9. Food Picture Dictionary
  10. I like
  11. In My House
  12. Inside LJ's House - Download from Stage 2 Folder in this wiki
  13. Matching A
  14. Odd One Out - Instruments
  15. Odd One Out Challenge - Set One
  16. School Picture Dictionary
  17. Transportation Vehicles (Laura Wirth)
17. Types of Vehicles by Melissa and Diane

To view more Clicker 5 grid sets which are aligned with Stages, go to Learning Grids, log in with simmons and use the password simmons and you'll have access to hundreds of free grids to look at and use. Click on the Folders Tab to see the Stages 1-7 folders. You can register for free on Learning Grids and save your own grid sets!

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