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Jessica L and Luci

Adapted Version of Jimmy's Boa for Stage 2 learner

Jessica Minahan and Donna Miller STAGE 2 Clicker Grids
Fall vocabulary story for a Stage 2 learner.

Donovan's Food
This activity was developed for the begining stages of picture-to-symbol generalization. The particular student that this was designed for is at the stage of picture-to-drawing identification. This should be used prior to a drawing-to-symbol activity. If you notice the name is introduced at this stage so the student begins to make the association. The final stage of this series is a Symbol-to-word activity.

Inside LJ's House
This Clicker Grid Set is designed as a simple talking book about familiar objects found in a house, with an optional interactive grid on the last page. This activity purposely combines features of Stage 2 and Stage 3 to meet the needs of one specific learner ("LJ"). Each page features a different object and speaks two sentences about the object (one labeling, one explaining its function). Animations of the actions performed with each object will be added at a later date. This learner is able to target items with a mouse, so there are speaker and forward advance buttons for him to click on. However, he continues to require more practice attending to longer/more complex language at Stage 2. The last page includes a pop-up menu that includes all eight of the featured objects (with audio feedback). It can be used as an independent exploratory activity, or with an adult, asking the child to click on a specified object.

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