This was created by inspiration when talking to Deb at the Crick Software booth at NECC. It's a concept that's relatively easily done. It addresses the problem of making grids available so that parents and others can see them on the web. Since there's no Clicker Player available at this time, we must resort to other methods. In this case, I'm using Clicker 5, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5. (and a quick little example that I did from the templates.)

  • Open Microsoft Word or StarOffice and leave it open in the background
  • Create your Clicker 5 document
  • Go to Edit Mode
  • Select the Explorer
  • You'll see the sequence for your document. Arrange Clicker 5 and Microsoft Word so that you can see both on your screen and drag each of the pages to your Microsoft Word/StarOffice document.
  • When you've moved them all over, from the File Menu, select Save As and save as a Webpage.
  • You could stop here and just post that to the web. But, hang in there and move to Photoshop Elements.
  • If you look, you'll see that all of the images are in a separate folder on your computer.
  • Open Photoshop Elements and create a new tag for your document and import all of your images into that tag.
  • From the Create Menu (Photoshop Elements 5 for Windows) choose your document of choice. In this case, I chose Photo Galleries, and then Animated. Click on the Add Files button and add the images in the order that you would like them to play.
  • Click on the "Next Step" button to add all kinds of features and details.
  • Finally "Share" your document. Elements creates a webpage and all of the supporting files. Check it out
  • A complete tutorial (with pictures) is available from the OSAPAC Learning Object Repository at:
  • Some suggestions for implementation -- if your students aren't able to follow the instructions, have some senior students or a computer club create the web documents and post them -- if you have a number of them, create a CD-ROM showing off all of the productions to send home and share with parents.
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