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A huge thank you to Deb Barrows for creating this wiki so that we can share resources. I work with students pre K - age 21 with a variety of severe special needs in CT so I am always looking for more ideas to use this powerful program. I am including a joke using Clicker to start on the lighter side and to see if I did it correctly.

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Here is the link to the AT Profile that I created as a tool to communicate about what assistive technology a student is currently using and has previously tried so that we can ensure that we are always providing a student with the proper supports to be successful.


Here is the link to the book that I have written with Dan Herlihy. iClick for Clicker 5 This book is filled with ideas and resources for using Clicker 5 with students of all abilities. We have provided a wide variety of examples for using the wonderful and powerful features of Clicker 5 to engage all learners and giving all learners the opportunity to participate in their learning.


Clicker on Stage:
Below are some articles explainig how you can use Clicker to create your own grid sets or modifiy exisintg grid sets to make them more appropriate for each Stage based on the Stages Framework by Madaline Pugliese. Deb has a link on the home page illustrating grid sets that have already been created and how they align with Stages.
Clicker on:
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7

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