Welcome, will you please say who you are, where you work, your contact info, and what you are doing with Crick Software products at your Clicker Center? You can also upload grids to share with the World.

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Louisiana Special Education Center - AT Answers - Region VI - Alexandria, LA - Summer Newletter read about Clicker Paint!

Timberbank JPS Clicker Center
Here at Timberbank we have created a community of educators who are interested in assistive technology, particularly in Clicker 5. We have created online conferences for TDSB teachers to promote literacy in schools using ministry-licensed software, Clicker 5. We encourage TDSB teachers to join and contribute to the discussions, exchange ideas and resources, offer solutions as well as tips and tricks. We also explore innovative uses of Clicker 5 all in an effort to enrich the learning experience of all students. Many educators from across Ontario have visited Timberbank for formal and informal Clicker training workshops over the past few years.
Our contact information:
Timberbank Jr. Public School
Ray Mirshahi
170 Timberbank Blvd
Scarborough, Ontario
M1W 2A3

Doug Peterson's Graphic Organizers - Ontario, Cananda

Merrimack Special Education Collaborative, Assistive Technology Services (Billerica, MA) - Crick Software titles are often included among the tools we use to conduct assistive technology trials. They are available for use in our assistive technology computer lab. When appropriate, they are written into assistive technology evaluation reports.

EASTCONN Regional Education Service Center, Assistive Technology - (Hampton, CT) - EASTCONN provides a variety of educational services, including a range of assistive technology services, to the 36 school districts in northeast Connecticut. I am Carol Magliocco, Ph. D., Assistive Technology Coordiantor for EASTCONN. I have been working with Deb Barrows to ensure that more of our districts are familiar with the Clicker Product line. Many of our districts have mulituser licenses for Clicker 5 and are beginning to see Cloze Pro used in more and more of the districts. EASTCONN assists districts in learning how to use these products to support student access to the curriculum.

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program, Western Regional Demonstration Center (Charlotte, NC) NCATP is a regional demonstration and equipment loan center. We also provide technical assistance and evaluations. We provide trainings throughout the region in addition to state-wide conferences and workshops. We also work very closely with both parents, schools and providers, showing them how to use the programs as well as resources available on the internet to access.

Wells-Ogunquit Community School District (Wells, ME) We are a demonstration site for Clicker 5 software. We have been successful with selected students and teachers. We are trying to get Clicker5 adopted in a more whole sale manner. This year has slowed down a bit with the adoption of a new reading program and teachers getting up to speed with that.

Center for Early Communication and Learning, Morganton, NC, Assistive Technology Resource Center is a regional demonstration site and equipment loan center. The CECL provides trainings and technical asssistance to parents and professionals in many areas of assistive technology. We are happy to include Clicker 5 in our computer lab.